The journey starts at the gorgeous mountain town of Leh. The only way to reach Leh is by flight and the view it gives you with complete whiteness of snow all around will surely make you spellbound. You will feel you are flying over heaven, and the next 9 days will give you an inside tour of that small pieve of heaven.

The magnificent Zanskar flows through the weather-bleached landscape of Ladakh, cutting gorges into the rocks and bringing fertility into the otherwise arid land. During the summer, the Zanskar river offers some of the most thrilling whitewater rafting in the country, but in the deepest winter, when the temperatures drop as low as -35 degrees, the river freezes over. This is when the Chadar trek is conducted.

The trek, classified as a difficult trek, is open to all enthusiasts over 18 years of age and good fitness levels.