We got in touch with Nadheem who customised our trip very meticulously. The main point I would like to mention was his ability to pick up exactly what we were looking for and deliver it accordingly. I must say me and my friends made one of the best decisions by approaching Nadheem to chalk out our trip to Meghalaya. It really felt like we lived our dream. All thanks to Nadheem and we look forward to getting his assistance for our upcoming trips.

Nadheem's itinerary was something that we happened to accidentally stumble upon, when we started planning our trip to Meghalaya. We were at a dead end to decide which itinerary to choose, and we were truly skeptical to accept his itinerary, because none that we came across was even vaguely similar to his. Somehow to this day I have no idea why we decided to take it, but every second throughout the journey, we had to agree that it was the best decision that we made. Halfway through the second day of the trip, we realized why his itinerary stood out from the rest. It was hands down the experience of a lifetime and we truly did come back with a "lifetime of memories". This testimonial does not do justice to how we feel or the experience we had, but all we want to say is "Thank you so much Nadheem, and God bless the moment we decided to chose your itinerary".

How do I summarize it? It was a spontaneous decision I ever took in my life to go out for this trip. I saw the promotion from one of the blogger which led to me the “Pooja – OneGirlOneJourney” blog, where I saw all the post for itinerary and started conversing with her for a trip. Thankfully it was the second last night for the registration and told her by morning I will reserve my seat. As they say, when stars are favoring us, good things do come. It was always in my mind to visit Umngot river, Dwaki for its crystal-clear view and to capture some of them. On the first day, Anirudh and I met at the airport and Babu Bhaiya dropped us at Umiam lake. From where we took the ferry ride and met Nadheem, Pooja & Usha. We all got familiarized within no time. Nadheem told the story about “Thera Para” how he named it. The youngest captain I came across till now is pooja, how she showed her love and caring nature from the beginning till the end of the trip. She was the common link between us, leading to an unexpected late evening trek to nongriat which itself was adventurous, fun and enjoyable. She knew her duty very well and commendable managerial skill she possesses. Would love to travel with her again in the future. The overall experience was amazing, the late-night games we played, sitting under the skies, chit chat and some naughty talks among us. I still can’t forget how captain and Anirudh got lost in the jungle. In short, I enjoyed a lot, had an amazing moment and memories which I can share as stories to my friends and relatives.

Actually at first place it was great of you guys that you all had me on the trip and the other fellas. It was a great experience for me, although I had a rough start coz my flight got canceled but without wasting much time I booked another flight for the same night so I could catch up for the trip without missing much. As the journey started on the 2nd day, from that very moment till the time I landed back to Mumbai and even till now I feel so amazing about the experience that I had over the past week which I’ve been wanting to do since a very long time, it is simply inexpressible. It’s like I got to explore the other side of me. I got to meet so many nice people, made new friends, explored new places & above all we got such great hospitality at each & every place we went, we could feel the love and warmth by the people around us. I highly appreciate that you guys did all the arrangements so precisely that we could enjoy the whole trip without any hassle. Thank you for everything. I’ll fall short of words for our leader aka captain (Pooja) she’s so mature & so much experienced, only because of her passion and enthusiasm she had throughout the trip got us all so intact & I personally feel that everybody cherishes every moment of the trip because of her, she was so kind to everybody & so helpful, that is really very generous of her. She deserves a lot many appraisals for what she’s doing at just of her age. Overall I really had a thrilling experience and memories for a lifetime. I hope to travel with you guys very soon. Thank you so much for everything. Until next time.

It's was absolutely amazing to see and to experience something as beautiful as Meghalaya, a place you don't hear much of in everyday life. I happened to stumble upon this by chance and I'm glad I took it up, it was definitely a life changing experience. Chanchal, who was handling the tour and the group became the heart and soul of the entire trip, always around to help out anyone and everyone, this trip was made better coz of her, thank you Chanchal didi! All in all extremely happy and glad that I went for it.

This trip was awesome, I don't know where to start it had all kind of feelings like laughter,pain, wow moments, and emotional moments too(at least for me). And this trip made me realize how I love myself so much which I never realized before. And I'm so glad and proud I made it to this trip with complete strangers who are friends now♥️. And of course, this whole journey wouldn't have been so smooth without our rajamatha (Chanchal). So a big hug and loads of love for her. I already miss her "hey friends,chai pelo"! Meghalaya has given me memories which I cannot forget and would cherish for the rest of my life, I can swear whatever trips I may go in future this one will remain close to my heart cause as I said this one was all about self-love and breaking the barriers to travel solo. Thank you so much, Thera Para Travels for the wonderful memories and itineraries. Eagerly waiting for Bhutan trip.

I just love the way Meghalaya has been shown to us the non-commercial way. Spending two nights in Nongriat and one night in Shnongpdeng, it just made us feel close to the nature of this beautiful place. Nadheem being a Traveller himself has a lot of knowledge about the places around and is the best company to have. He is very chilled out and made sure that this trip stays very memorable to each of us. Just can't wait to do another trip with this guy and Thera Para Travels. Highly recommend!!