Inside a cave

The 5 or 7 days itineraries brings you the best of Meghalaya, covering both famous places like the root bridges, the cleanest village - Mawlynnong, and the magically transparent Umngot river, along with experiences you can't expect to have unless you know the place well.

After a usual sightseeing session in Sohra (Cherrapunjee), you climb down 3200 steps to reach Nongriat village, where lush greenery and amazing waterfalls welcome you, along with some super friendly people and mouth watering food. Exploring one whole day in that village, with a small trek to Rainbow falls (you get to see a rainbow if there is sunshine) and two nights stay at the village, this is one experience you are going to cherish. Not to mention that the famous double decker root bridge, and many other root bridges are in and around this village. Root Bridge

After this refreshing experience, you head to Shnongpdeng, which lies adjacent to the Umngot river. On the way, you are welcomed by some breathtaking views and then, you get to exploring Mawlynnong, and the amazing viewpoint of Bangladesh made on top of a tree near the root bridge near Mawlynnong. The drive from Mawlynnong to Shnongpdeng is another enjoyable stretch, with a few waterfalls on the way, and the roads going parallel to the Bangladesh border.

The next morning is to explore the beauty of the river and the amazing bridge there, and then heading into the river in fishermens boats. You are also free to buy some fish from the locals and get it cooked by them, as this day is a lazy day for you to relax in the river and enjoy. You just need to pack up and leave by afternoon.

Next day is about exploring the capital city Shillong and all of its street food and shopping streets.

One of the top rated itineraries provided by us and all our clients who have gone till now, we can guarantee that you will come back saying this was the best trip of your life as yet.