But do most of the people who head to Ladakh see the complete picture of Ladakh? Has the thought ever crossed in your mind that Ladakh could be more than Khardung-La, Nubra, Pangong and the monasteries in the main town?

We will answer that question for you, and it's a big yes. There is a lot lot more to Ladakh than these commonly explored places which will blow your mind, and we are bringing you a package including the usuals, plus the extreme Ladakh.

So what extra are you getting in this you ask?

Did you know that India's remotest sky observatory is in a Village called Hanle, 250 kilometres from Leh town? And for good reason that too. The air is extremely dry, and there is no light pollution. All you have to do to see the milky way is to look up at night, while there. And easily said, it's paradise for night sky photography.

We have something for everyone. This region is famous for the extremely rare black neck cranes. So all you people who are into birding, should I say more?

And for simpletons like our own itinerary designer Nadheem, we have wild horses running along the cars at multiple stretches of the route with their royal extra long necks and beautiful build. Such a pleasure for the eyes those magical moments are.

For the adventure junkies, let's just say we'll be driving really close to, and along the Border of China. You are free to try going abroad through the path but we will take no responsibility and give you no guarantee of a safe passage back :-P

And finally, for anyone who enjoys natural beauty, we have vast stretches where for 50+ kilometers, you won't see any sign of civilization and extremely bad roads, but blessed with mountains, beautiful skies, and breathtaking clouds. Every sunset is nothing but a miracle in the villages and camps you will be staying, and every sight, new, different, and unbelievable. For those who think Pangong is the most beautiful, we show you Tso Moriri which literally acts like a mirror reflecting the mountains and clouds. For those who think Pangong lacks vegetation, we show you the dry and lifeless stretches of Tso-Kar which is beautiful and scary at the same time. And for those who think the roads to Chang-la is tough, we will show you hundred plus kilometers of actual bad roads.

High on adventure, very high on adrenaline, and extremely high on beauty, this is the Ladakh to see if you are physically fit and fine, and you will end up telling all your Ladakh-return friends they haven't seen the actual Ladakh after you see it.